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The roots of ARMAT brandy began in the1950s with a founding family , whose dedication to the long tradition of brandy production in their native Armenia grew into a passion for perfection inspired by the rich flavors of Armenian fruits.

Without a doubt, Armenia’s pristine mountain spring water, sun-drenched orchards, and rich, volcanic soil have conspired to give its local grape varieties a most distinct flavor and scent all their own as the family himself discovered after traveling the world to sample other regions’ own brand of brandy to find the best that he would have compete with. This led them back to home and to the very best. So began the family-run business faithful to their Armenian roots and its storied brandy-making tradition.

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Armat Brandy and Vodka are well known in Asia. Our premium quality spirits are popular for the exceptional experience gifted to the consumer. Two of them are Most Wanted:

Aged 7 years +, ARMAT XO enlivens with an intense palette of dried fruit, sweet pastries, and creamy almond.  Confident fragrances of cinnamon and aged port amuse the senses. Its silky texture is nuanced and complex.
TIP: If you’re hosting a dinner party, be sure to serve ARMAT brandy to your guests after to cleanse their palettes. It’s also fantastic to sip while they socialize!

ARMAT Vodka is a premium Vodka crafted by Armenian distillery masters with the same passion for perfection and respect for tradition that produces ARMAT brandy. ARMAT wheat & herbal Vodka scintillates with its exotic flavor that’s both luxurious and fresh, succulent and sweet to the last drop.
TIP: Store ARMAT Vodka in the freezer for a few hours. Alcohol freezes slower, so it won’t freeze over just get as cold as possible.

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